Next Chamber to be announced

The band is morphing / transforming / mutating.
Silence…Distance/// To be back with a new SOUND.

Chamber of Control area

The long awaited year 2012 marks a turn for the band that uncovers with fervour a new conspiracy with Season Of Mist to release their forthcoming album. As humanity enters Kairos times, the Alchemical self of the Templar sees clearly through the shades of illusion. Prophecies and History are converging. The Ultimate Throne of SataN is rising from the NeXus and His masterplan appears clear : Humanity is under His Control. The mechanical trap is closing and Blacklodge unleashes this truth to the face of the world with their next album named MachinatioN. Stay alert !

Season of Mist [Digi and DLP]

Chamber of Downfall area

In 2007, Silence left the band and was replaced by Narcotic, who joined the Lodge for an European tour with Horna and Vorkreist. This experience led to a new strong line up, a deep transformation that led the band to leave corpsepaint and go deeper in its own spirit.
A new project was in process, a split with the Austrian masters Abigor. A long, alchemical transformation led in 2010, both band to a deep, spiritually connected work, as a split album dealing with the satanic concept of time.T/ME, brillantly mixed and mastered by Tore Stjerna at the Necromorbus studio and released again by the exigent black metal label End All Life Productions. Wider, deeper, this album presents a more mastered art and a for the band.

All what you have reached, is just another step to the end.
It’s just a question of time.

End All Life [Digi and DLP] (Joint venture with Abigor)

Chamber of Illumination area

A new stage of evolution brought the band to new horizons with more courageous, avantgardiste work in a scene where looking backwards stands as a value of integrity and honesty.
Blacklodge came back at the dawn of 2006 with >SolarKult<, recorded at the Necromorbus studio and released by the french label End All Life Productions. A new powerful sound for the band, polluting sonic landscapes with a mix of pure aggressive metal and psychodelic, electronic violence.

Their temples and idols are rusted, and new dogmas are rising
This is the prequel to the new kult.

End All Life [CD and DLP]

Chamber of Darkness area

The band signed then with the Dutch label Blazing Productions for their first album, Login:SataN [03]. This album put the band aside the leaders of a newest front : Industrial Black Metal. Since 2002 AcidJess became the bassist of the band, even if Diam’s recorded the bass on the album. The band played with Aborym for the first real Industrial Black Metal gigs ever, and presented a very aggressive and original presence on stage.

Blazing Productions [CD]

Original pulse : Insanity/Suicide/Hell

Mutation emerging from an underground black metal band called Faust [94/98], Blacklodge started first as a one man band and released 2 demos. Saint Vincent was then joined by Silence and Diam’s from his former band. They started to play live and strengthen the identity of the band through substances abuses and rising totemic fascination for contemporary environment and technology. This led to a third demo presenting the band to dark underground through schizoid video clip and personal concept.

demos [CD]

Flash deathcography

2012/06 = 4th album “MachinatioN” Chamber of Control
2010/01 = 3rd album “T/ME” Chamber of Downfall
2006/01 = 2nd album  “>SolarKult<“ Chamber of Illumination
2003/10 = 1st album  “Login:SataN”  Chamber of Darkness


2001/01 = demo “Login:Satan demo”
1999/12 = demo “Prince of Dark Cellars”
1999/04 = demo “InnerCells”


2009/09 = Secrets of the Moon remix of “Black Halo” on “Privilegium” special box set
2002/02 = Compil Tormentor (Amortout Productions)
2001/99 = Tribute to S.U.P.


In a world where the Prince of this Sphere is gathering hugest amount of power, worms are yearning him to be fed with chemical, vaccines to stay alive, industrial enslavement to survive, fake goals to hide the infinity of the universe. They are worshipping His powers to have a pride, His tricks to have recognition.

In this slavery process, the Black Lodge is driven by the Luciferian will to overcome human life limits.

Primal impulse of this will led to the experience of the void and morbid states in the pit of self destruction. Drugs holocaust to blasphem life gift, ecstatic fall in technological traps of addiction to flow towards a cosmic pit to log in : The NeXus, demonstrating a superior coherence of events, and His presence.

This is the time now for the second level of initiation of the Lodge. Through the NeXus, facing the Gates of Perception, in order to commit the primitive sin and access to forbidden knowledge. The next step is the use of PsychoActive keys to process the Sun principle. Alchemical essence turning the self to a mission, inducing Revelations. Astral fire as the throne of the pure nuclear power, ultimate step of the Faustian tragedy that will lead humanity to the Apocalypse.

After being one with the infinity of the sphere of Revelations, the human condition pays back the Forbidden Sin of daring the secrets of the Serpent. Pushing the soul and the flesh into the Hell of terror, anguish through the uncorruptible laws of Time and Limits. This is the third level Initiation : to experience the loss of all what you worship the most. This is the terror of the chamber of Downfall.

In times of Darkness, where He’s achieving his ultimate throne, some are walking through the Black Lodge, searching wisdom through destruction. These ones can see His splendour, and foresee the tragic worms fate. Their faith is a tunnel for His voice to strike the Earth.
These are the new Templars.

Get connected.
Get experienced.
Dare the path of the Black Lodge.

Saint Vincent, 2006/2010