Login:SataN [2003]

1st level Initiation = Chamber of Darkness

First full length release, this album presents Blacklodge as a mature band joining the new wave of Industrial Black Metal aside of DiabolicuM and AboryM. Powerful and chaotic sound, yet cold, melting Black Metal aggression and the coldness of drum machine/industrial beats. This album deals with the extreme side of Industrial SatanisM, with SataN and Drugz. Mastered by Mick Kenney at the NecroDeath studios [Anaal Nathrakh,Frost,…].
Allegory of the extatic connection to void SataN described as connection through modem of chemical suicidal substances. SataN, Suicide, Drugs.

tracklist :

1 – Login:SataN [6:49]
2 – Subject to Tragedy [2:26]
3 – Satanus Sextions [5:49]
4 – Tormentor [4:53]
5 – Need a Needle to Tap in the Vein [2:48]
6 – The Empress [5:53]
7 – Mors Ultima Ratio [3:35]
8 – [3:33]
9 – Suicide Tutorials [4:14]
10 – An Error in Darkness [4:23]
11 – T.A.O.S. [The Arrival Of SataN] [3:31]
12 – W.Y.N.F.S. [Whiten Your Nose For SataN] [1:31]

total running time = [49:25]


SataN, Drugs, Self Destruction


Saint Vincent = Vox+Guit Beatz
Silence = Guit
Diam’s = Bass

Music & lyrics by Saint Vincent
Recorded at the : Waterfall Studios[Fr], HellFuck Studios[Fr], Prince of Fire Temple[Fr], Northern Sky[No], Erich Zann Studios[Fr]
Mixed by Saint Vincent
Mastered at the NecroDeath Studio by Mick Kenny 2003

©Blazing Productions 2003

Available Lyrics


Cursed, Lost Highway
Leading me astray
Path to revelation
Rapture consecration

Suicidal pulsions agressing me?
Guilty monomania
Social distortion dividing me?
Incoherent voices tearing my I

Death is talking to my veins?
I’ll give them your seed again
Pure steal weakens the flesh?
Feed my red desires with pain

Drunk and lost Summoning the dust
We’re hiding Far away from God

Abyssal alchemy for the rats
Candles shiver in the grim room
In the shadows we laugh dark
Black twisted fucked up ritual
Echoing soul’s distortions
Incarnating black inner vibrations
To open the gates to annihilation

Login : SataN
Tunes in Red
Plug in
Black magic stones in my veins
Connected to the Master’s network

Walls are running away
Morbid orgasm fake paradise taste
Dissolve my soul in Inferno
The heavens are losing me again
As an end to the invocation
A wandering point on a helpless arm
Dare my morbid eyes to understand
Injection codename : SataN

Login : SataN
Breathing dead
Leviathan’s covenant needs a needle to sign

©Saint Vincent, 2003

Subject To Tragedy

Filthy horizons, grey cold poison
Weakness abyssal, vertigo suicidal
Asphyx, social jails,
then a fix trial you fail
Eclipse is your key
All of that
Cos you’re subject to tragedy

And now you’re feeding your veins
To forget your painful chains
SinKing crown in abyssal waste
Rusted scepter sealed your fate
Can all the lights turn black?
Does your heart wear the damnation mark?

Suicidal black injection
Screaming hate pain rejection

And now hear the howling knights of destiny
The winds are turning, the skies are angry
Be the plague in their society
Be the one they’ll call tragedy

©Saint Vincent, 2003

Satanus Sextions

Rising…from the grave
Killing…souls to save
Godsent, to purify the flesh
Christ and Hitler running by their side
Satanus sextion!!!

Grail chalice melting solaris
Earth jewelry Heroin secrecy
Sodom malice waffen whore Miss
Fix, load, order, punish, for the prophecy

Penis ablation kommando of salvation
OK, get on coke, ready to strike
Jesus on crack thanks sathanas pack
Kill, whip, fuck, torture for the majesty

Rising…throne of pain
Killing…maim maniacs insane
Godsent, to purify the flesh
Christ and Hitler high on the ride
Satanus sextion !!!

©Saint Vincent, 2003


Black leather bastard walks the Jacky ride
Drunk up to the score, toxic daemons aside
Grey dull town, bitches around,
Drugs for the entertainment ground
Fucked up brain of the grinning dirt face
Bithes around, grey dull town,
Just wanting to shut up this grinding sound…
shinning black tonight, Sathanas kicks your ass

Hard to breath, heart is pulsing dark,
May the white devil trippin’ back his path
White powder to sniffheads, sick, high
Satan rocks the nose plug trainroads !!!
Straw-ways to heaven …Facing him again in the mirror…
Here is He, Heresy Whippin’ the junk a slave to be
Rockin’ to the Death Pulse
Satan’s Poison
Here is the great Tormentor!!!

Hard to see, nerves are pulsing black,
May the corridor leads the fog back its path
Toxic mist necrosis the lug suffers
Bang the brain, open the gates Funeral fog…
the dragonized worm …Facing him again in the mirror…
Here is He, Heresy Whippin’ the junk a slave to be
Rockin’ to the Death Pulse
Satan’s Poison
Here is the great Tormentor!!!

Oh Feelin’ Dizzy?????
Loaded on LSD…. Ecstasy Ecstasy
Sniff the vermin Worm cocaine
OD got your soul
Sold out for Rock’n’ Roll!!!!!!

©Saint Vincent, 2003

Need A Needle To Tap In The Vein

Need an Ideal to tap in the Vain
Sinking Idols of Gold Fainted
Lifeless Dolls of Sexual Alienation
Ruined temple of Faith
Empty churches of faked

Need a Needle to Tap in the Vein
It’s an urge hard to explain

Need a Needle to Tap in the Vein
Failing blood drunk for oblivion
Their codes tear my mind and blow my head
Fulfill my rusted dreams with Satan’s seed

Need an Ideal to tap in the Vain
Crush these worms and their faked faith

Unsane Doors of Dead Grey, dizzy faces
Walls are running away again
I feel the Deathly Lord of Orgasm
Everything’s so sweet and nasty
Fuck you God
Fuck you God Fuck you
And take a look at my Arm
It’s a connection with Satan’s Realm
It’s a point which means an End
It’s a Failure for your Angels
It’s a Threat for Creation. Oh God!
I’m so pleased to see your face of Emptiness
What can you say?
Do you think my death will save them?
My attitude is a Symbol. And Symbols are keys.
And the Saints opens your kingdom with these Keys.
Men will forget me. Society will buried me.
But your seraphins will screams and go insane.
They will murder each other. Cos my scream is a spell.
And all overdose bite the bells. Ahahahah
Our name’s Legion cos we are fucking many God!!!

©Saint Vincent, 2003

The Empress

Can you dare her breath
Bow to the Empress
Can you taste her death
Bow to the Empress

Feel her voracious kiss
Raining in our throat
Erasing the pain
Lusting the colors

Sinless is my Empress
Nevertheless Satan’s Ace
Her kiss of death
White faith, above the human mess
Snow dress, Angel case

Oh magic mirror
Tell me who is the one
Straws are stairways to heaven
Stairways to heaven
Majestic doors
Stonedust is the key to…Fire!

No more regrets, no more pain
In the dust is my crown
In your shadow daemons grown


©Saint Vincent, 2003

Mors Ultima Ratio

“Mors Ultima Ratio!”
Morbid addiction, and deadly occupations
Controlled substance, enhanced sense
No time for boreness,
chaos black lead madness
I fist God with Satan’s words
and experience humans for Death Lords

Forbidden ecstasy of homicide
Delirium passion named suicide

It’s a passion for life
It’s a love for the dead
It’s the caress of a knife
Erotism graveyard fed

Circles. The Sun. Eclipse. The dawn

Still gambling with life
Speed by my side, the road is straight
Ecstasy of speed, snowing glory
Loose or win, who gives a fuck????
Immortality passion?
Go blind and never stop!

©Saint Vincent, 2003

Cum to the hell virus, addict to Azagthot virtual
Nyarlathotep is crawling to unbearable visual
Open the lethal gates of Sado-Masochism
The Elder Gods experience the flesh again

Free Fetish
Pregnant Sluts
Teenz Tits
Wild beasts
Young material, barely legal

W,w,w dot The Way to the First Sphere
W,w,w dot The Sphere of NANNA, called FIRE
W,w,w dot The Way to the First Sphere
W,w,w dot? REDWAY DOT ORG!

Greatest Site on the Internet
Linking souls to the once closed Gates
Kutulu’s dreams are weeping on human fantasy
The Essence of the Ancients accedes to reality

Can’t enough of Anal snuff
Rape sodomy
Bloody Butts
Young material, barely legal

W,w,w dot The Way to the First Sphere
W,w,w dot The Sphere of NANNA, called FIRE
W,w,w dot The Way to the First Sphere
W,w,w dot? REDWAY DOT ORG!


©Saint Vincent, 2003

An Error In Darkness

Fill my heart with pain, I’m falling down
Rest and weak
In the depths of night

Lost in the universe, I’m despiseful dust
Shame and suffering
In the breath of God

Absurd existence, an error in absolute darkness

Feel my heart in pain, I’m rising sun
A will in steal
In the depths of might

Host for the hatred, I’m crawling lust
Dream and conspiracy
In the Death of God

Absurd existence, an error in absolute darkness

Maze of infinity, I want out
Death to humanity, I will shout
Nothing is sacred except my deepest will
I’ll give a name to SataN in steal


SataN, reflects and mirrors
Hellish room with no door
I’ll be the blade in the flesh of society

Leviathan, vomit and blood
Oceans of pain flood
I’ll be curse for humanity

©Saint Vincent, 2003

T.A.O.S. (The Arrival Of SataN)

Falling churches of dead stones
Blackened skies of fire clouds
Waves of disease scorning the land
Signs of Stars the Prince descends
Arrogant Lords of Wars rise
The Necropulse Nexus human demise
Forbidden Gates open widely
As its slaves hails its infinity

Oh No!
This is the Arrival …
…of SataN!

Raining blood thrashing as it was said before
Their states sinking under Anarchy’s Lords
His Throne is made of shredded humans dying
And his scepter of Christblood blackshining
His command is vibrating with steal
Signs of the Revelations seal
Human souls Aquarius loads
This the times for new Gods!

Oh No!
This is the Arrival…
…of SataN!

NecroPulse Nexus of SataN Go!

©Saint Vincent, 2003

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