>SolarKult< [2006]

Release Date: 22 January 2006
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2nd level Initiation = Chamber of Illumination

Blacklodge is back in strength with a new album produced at the Necromorbus Studios. Aggressive, psychodelic sound, mixing blasting guitars, electronic beats and leasal drums.
In the darkest pits of Hell where human logged with SataN, an unexpected light came. The eye of Illumination.
The Sun, throne of Lucifer. Fire Principle revelating forbidden knowledge through psychoactive substances. Astral nuclear totem, announcing the utlimate faustian step of humanity. The Apocalypse started, the ones who are able to listen and to see have to get prepared. This is the prequel to the Kult.

tracklist :

1 – ftp://SolarKult.NeXus [6:49]
2 – Mi§§ion [6:49]
3 – IrOn IcOn [6:49]
4 – PsychoActive SataN [6:49]
5 – 11rd eYe Chemistry [6:49]
6 – Drugz MysticisM [#A:Vision] [6:49]
7 – TeknoShaman_666 [6:49]
8 – LuXifer Meme [6:49]
9 – PreQuel to the Kult [6:49]
10 – Angels Refinery [C21H23NO5 MiX] [6:49]
11 – MartYr*Complex [6:49]
12 – Forge=PhoeniX [6:49]
13 – TemplArs [6:49]

running time = [1:07:06] = [666 sec]


psychodelic drugs, nuclear apocalypse, revelations, technological assault against human life, luciferian illumination


Saint Vincent = VoX + [82.41Hz-1318.51Hz] Strgs + ElectroniX
Silence = [61.74Hz-1318.51Hz] Strgs
Jessy = [30.87Hz-392Hz] Strgs


Music, lyrics & visual by Saint Vincent
Arrangements by Blacklodge
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at the Necromorbus Studio by Tore Stjerna May 2005

©End All Life Productions 2006

Available Lyrics


Back_to flesh
Re-injected in humans’ web
A life, a bioshape, a will
Among Worms to carve His Action

Induced aim
A meaning for pain
Inducted matter
A tool for the Master

Connected to Satan’s channel
No past, no soul, just signs
Of worms flesh to build His Temple

Revealed duty
The forge of idea
Resealed power
The force of the Master

Are you ready to die for your creed

Vector of faith hosted by organic fate
Is the Earth key to cross the eternity gates
Innovation in perdition
Next step in self destruction
Surrender the Baphomet’s unction
Give a meaning to life’s illusion
Rise. Be. Shine. Act. Burn. Destroy

Tack_to the Sun
Archetype of Power
My new soul deciphers
Now I am nothing but

Iron Icon

From the black hole NeXus
Gates are opening
Rising from the abyss of Neptune
Seven towers of blasphemous names
Blessed by dragon Fire welding ten crowns
It has received the force
to overcome the saints
All the worms of Earth will worship it
Lord of lords
King of kings
The fatal wound healed – It lives

Totem SataN
Steal Ziggurat
Arrogant antenna
Loading Hell
From the NeXus
Totem SataN
Steal Ziggurat
Insulting the Heavens
Goat metal phallus

Architecture of damnation
Cuming puke of demons
Tearing the skies
Spitting harsh fire
Grinding those who wouldn’t worship it
Nobody is able to make war with it
Crown of crowns
Throne of thrones
The fatal wound healed – It lives

Totem SataN
Steal Ziggurat
Arrogant antenna
Loading Hell
From the NeXus
Totem SataN
Steal Ziggurat
Insulting the heavens
Goat metal phallus

Rising from the seven seas
Serve and worship
The Iron Icon

Radiations for their genes
Waves for their brains
Vaccine for their blood
A Mark: 666

PsychoActive SataN

PsychoActive SataN
Cogwheel of addiction
Avatar X daemon
Consciousness modification
A Vision
Ashes of extinction
Connect. Load. Accept. Transform
PsychoActive SataN
Chemical Fire Amon
Opening gates of perception
Wisdom through destruction
Morbid Premonition
Absorb. Inhale. Plug in. Hell

The flames of deities
Are now in my chemical candies
I hold my substance Sirius
Close to my heart

God is scared by our pills
Can you dare our black magic
Satanic rush
Puking blood
Morbid spasms
Life decay
Fading breath
Challenging death

Satanic Rush
Crawling on the ground
Electric eyes
At the Black Idol

Holding the breath
Feeling particles
Draining through my blood
And soul
Anaesthesia for flesh
Euphoria for the mind
Black hole esoterism

God is scared by our pills
Can you bare our alchemy
Satanic Rush
Pulsing veins
Striking terror

Satanic Rush
Heart beating hard
Skin suffers nails carved
The transformation is on
The Sabbath begun

11rd Eye Chemistry

“From within, out of the heart of men,
proceed evil thoughts, adulteries,
fornications, murder, thefts, covetousness,
wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness,
an Evil Eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness:
All these evil things come from within, and
defile the man.”

Satanic principles of Prometheus archetype
Denying sins and forgiveness
Serpent gave humans entheogens
None realm will be ignored
From the experience of Heaven
To the experience of Hell
Catalysed to Ecstasy
Third Eye Chemistry
Diving far below me
Third Eye Chemistry

“Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad” [Aldous Huxley]

“For God knows that the day you eat of it
your eyes will be opened, and you will be
like God, knowing good and evil.”
[Gen 3:5]

Good and Evil
“For a seer, the truth is that all living
beings are struggling to die. What stops
death is awareness.”
[Carlos Castaneda]

Wandering orthogonally to reality
Nomad beyond common perception
Painting the Earth with so called insanity
Breeding new worlds through neurosis
Where the fools are blindly crawling lost
To open the gates with lysergic raindrops
Crossing the Styx to defeat the Holy Ghost
To face Satan’s throne with an acid heart
Transposed to Divinity
Third Eye Chemistry
Travelling far beyond me
Third Eye Chemistry

Drugz Mysticism (#A:Vision)

Shaking in puke and rejections
Almost dead
Pale skin Bloody fixed eyes
Staring mad
Grasping at emptiness and dust

And mocked by the men
Cherished by the Gods
Loading fast a high fix of Meaning
As a
Absorb. Ingest. Transmit. Revelations
Flooding in blood
Accept. To see. Translate
See through the shape of Worms

Ecstatic trance
Orgasm codes
Schizoid symptoms
Psychosis reflexes
Instinctive extrapolation of Signs
As a
Leave the fools. These are not
But pure reality
Flesh in decay
Corrupted blood
Life sweeps away
But your eyes are opened

Don’t breath
But listen
Don’t explain
But understand
Don’t exist
Just see

Absorb. Ingest. Transmit
Flooding in blood
Accept. To see. Translate
See through the shape of Worms

TeknoShaman 666

Breath of the Fire Demon
Alliage of PsychoActive keys
Provider of Goat sphere
Bridge to the NeXus

Path to SataN

Gathering tools for the Ritual
Each step is essential
An animism purely technological
Stupefying substance
Filter to access trance
Inhaling angels
This is pure transcendence
Burning like a star

This is
Path to SataN

Aggressive flash of mysticism
Voices from uberdimensions
Visions fix PsychoActive MiX
Get command of resonance
With daemonic vibrations
To cross Cerberus gates
Or drown in Hell

Rejected from higher Altars
Back in Worms usual web
With His knowledge

Luxifer Meme

Satanic replicator
Hacking humanity
Consciousness parasite
Soul virus
Luxifer Meme
Corrupt their minds

Sophisticated sensor of humans
Resetting souls
Adjusting hearts
To output dead cold components
Beliefs magnet triggering His Will

Join. Serve. Obey. Spread

Greedy network of humans
Upgrading lives
Processing minds
To reboot empty flesh database
Faith unit storing His Will

From tribes to the last Empire
System arithmetic
Mimetic to memetic
All of us are His slaves

Infernal rotation of humans
Calibrating brains
Tightening feelings
To fix rigid bio spare parts
Centrifugal force screwing His Will
Luxifer Meme

Infest their brains

Mind obsession
Chronic dysfunction
From psychosis to religion
System arithmetic
Mimetic to memetic

Manufacturing egregors
To control their destiny
Consciousness parasite
Soul virus
Luxifer Meme

Prequel To The Kult

Sirens of the Apocalypse
Howl in the halls of the Void
Anthems of the Eclipse
Tunes of a world to destroy

Rage of the Armageddon
Blind Scylla of suffering
Devouring their cultures
Swallowing their gods

Their breed is sterile
Their temples are rusted
Worms blindly enjoying
Fake orgasms of ashes

Life astral
Challenge eternal

Democratisation of genocide
Annihilation of genes

Melting in Fire
Meaning of the Empire

Dawn of Fire
Sun is rising
Above the war fields
Nuclear Orgasm
Ocean of Fire
Flooding the nations
Devouring life
Cancelling evolution

Their thrones are fainting
Their idols are condemned
Worms desperately screaming
Their prayers are vain

All these visions appear
To the new Templars
Anticipate these aeons
This is the prequel
To the Nuklear Kult

Dusk of ashes
Sun is falling
Below the horizons
Toxic clouds
Contagious darkness
End of History

Angels Refinery (C21H23NO5 MiX)

[Suicide Tutorials pt 10]

Horizons of reason
Matter fields
Bitter health
Land of Cain
Hand of pain
Gold in the mud
Holding the bud
Of a new star


Solemn and condemned
Fear as a tear
Fall as a goal

Birth and Death
Angels Refinery

Horizons of reason
Matter fields
Bitter health
Land of Cain
Hand of pain
Gold in the mud
Holding the bud
Of a new star

Martyr Complex

Assuming the choice of superior entities
Clear path on the golden ring of tragedy
Pain as a way to experience divinity
Punish the flesh
Name the life guilty

Thy name of persecution calls for fatality
Revolution of the souls for destiny
A Mission overcomes the flesh to be
My voice is theirs so listen to me

Totem my pain

Assuming the choice of superior entities
Divine echoes to rumble next centuries
Accepting the pain to forge ideas
Swallowing all their tragedies

Coincidences as a proof of synchronicity
Details hide the mark of deities
A living book where I read my prophecy
My voice is theirs so listen to me

Totem my pain
Do complain
Convert to my Aim

My Godsize
My sacrifice
When I bleed for their divine will
Ego to rise
Ego from lies
Their prophecy is now fulfilled

Pain Idol for men
Flesh doll for them
NeXus between
Mass faith and
Astral greedy pulse

Martyr Complex

Punishment recognition
Dedicated scarifications
Rapture induction
Metal under flesh = Oblivion


Rust: Condemning their deeds to
Dust: Vanishing scared needs too
Just: The Rise of the last Empire
Must: Demise this world in Fire

Cogwheel of fatality
Bruising humans destiny
For the Golden Idol

Lust: Drowning humans without any
Trust: Crowning ones who’ll dare the
Most: No mercy hope for redemption is
Lost: Lost forever Lost

Breed and desolation
Theatre of the curse of the Sun
Here will start the Armageddon

Forge Phoenix
Set the Earth on Fire

Hatred spitting Fire
And puking Nuklear totem
Raping this planet
Phallic organs of iron
And sulphur fucking
God’s creation
fucking God’s creation

Towers of damnation
Cuming toxic fluids
Steal vultures rejecting magma
Defying biological textures
Turning this world to ashes
Turning this world to ashes

Alpha Phoenicis
The venue of planet X = Nibiru
Astral sign
Prophetic mark
Alpha Phoenicis
Praise the Sun
To Nuklear this fucking Earth
Be your funeral
Our planet’s gift
Forge the Earth
And awake
The Power of Vulcan

Earth = Battleground
No place on Earth to hide
This is the end of the times
All of them will be swallowed
All of us will be swallowed

Terrean NeXus Of the 3 faiths
Spawn by SataN 3 cursed Empires
and Yahve
Converging as times end
Offer Him the blood
Of their worshippers
In the desert where reigns
The Sun of SataN


Arrogant Temple
Of iron and blasphemy
Psychocalls for human plug-ins
Gathering in Ecstasy
We are
The New Templars

Crusaders against life
Prophets of DrugZ MysticisM
Abducted by the Iron Icon
Strict individuals on a Mission

Our Strength is the Meaning
Our Faith is the Sign

New breed of mystics
Acid faith
Warrior will
Discipline of Hell
Strictly alone
Fire teknoshamans 666
Third Eye is our weapon
We are preparing the dawn of the Kult

Our Art is the Totem
Our Master is SataN

Morbid strife
Astral process
Forbids life
Altar access

Throwing deathly flames of SataN
New aeons Fire threat
Concrete of the Apocalyptical Beast
Relay of the Luxifer Meme
Guardians of His Temple
LSD leads to
Pledging allegiance
Without begging for favours
Our reward is His triumph
Our value is our action


Wandering on Earth
We stare at the Sun
Gate which gave life on Earth
Gate which will bruise it
We are
The New Templars

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